Integrity and Meditation - 'cause Mental Health Matters

Mindful consumption in the morning sets a tone for the remainder of your day. Creating habits to positively live with and move you in a growth direction are imperative - if that’s so what you want. Perhaps your morning starts at 7am, or rather - 10pm. Mornings are an interesting topic for many. Some people have a full house to deal with while others are sipping coffee in silence watching the sun rise. Regardless of the circumstance, if you’re privileged with another day, the morning will come and what you do in it, matters. If you believe so.

I’ll call myself a seasoned spiritualist - define whatever that means as you wish ‘cause I myself just made it up. What I mean though - is that I meditate, often - and have been doing so since about the age of 3. The practice like anything in life comes in phases of acknowledgement, desire, and depth. Duration varies, intentions vary, always seemingly resulting in a version of calmness.

I grew up in a home that taught Buddhist customs. Be it a nature or nurture argument - it was in me to begin with and I was fortunate to have some guidance with it. I believe it’s in everyone. after all, we are just energy in motion. I always felt the pulls of things - the inner butterflies - the soul fire that just compassed my existence - guides to knowledge, or whatever the result I was after or perhaps not after and after me. I was the five year old screaming at adults for eating meat, and acquiring pets of all sorts, be it, worms, grasshoppers, birds, or the usual fur friend. I was also the kid who wanted to change the world. The truth is, reality is complex and layered and the world is always changing - so it is imperative to be apart of the vibe you want. To support the fight you’re after. To be real.

Walk your path whatever it may be. Learn your lessons - whatever they are. You’re here to experience, expand consciously, and then carry on - that doesn’t happen in our earthly physical realm forever. Although right now, it may seem irrelevant as life is being lived - to me, it’s the main anchor of the life compass.

Your energy - such a metaphysical concept to try and iterate into definition. How arrogant of me to even think I can - that said, I’m trying. I’m trying to because as I said, I think it matters ('cause energy move matter lol) - and the sooner sentient beings can raise their levels of awareness in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms - the sooner we can evolve - be - get the result. Did I mention I’m a result oriented person? Which is hilarious because I also result in experience on the journey. The paradoxical neurosis in which I tumble around gets exhausting sometimes. This dance is the balancing act of life though.

Insert integrity.

Morals and values. What are yours? How do they define you? Do you let them? Do you want them to? Are they defined for you or by you? Are you - you alone - or a collection of the exchanges you have within your perception of reality?
Now imagine - you have all these questions and thoughts, and instead - you tell your mind to shut the fvck up and be at peace with it’s truest most self.

Breathing - an anaerobic exercise. A part of the life force you lead.

If you focus on it - in it’s natural state - despite that the focus may alter it to a new natural state - just be aware of it - and you are all of a sudden in stillness with your self. You’re flowing into and with your chi - at least that’s how I can best describe it at the present time.

Sometimes you have random thoughts that pop up, trains of tangents - observe the line, and come back to breath. Try to maintain a calmness in your virtue of state - understanding that you are an active organism - pretending to be in control.

This is going off path - or maybe not.
Anyways - I’m here to tell you that I meditate in the morning - and I find it makes a massive difference in my day. Perhaps it could do that for you too.
I’m mindful of myself, of others, of reaction and response. I take seconds to remember I’m my only opponent and that moving freely in time has no bounds.
I also enjoy doing it at odd hours of the morning - when the world around me seems calm - and energies aren’t flowing rapidly in unnatural states. There has been some evidence about this time being cosmically favoured for spiritual practice as well. 

Maybe you don’t give a shit about mindfulness and think it’s just a hoorah! Maybe you do and don’t know where to begin and want some guidance. Maybe you want to meditate and buy crystals to show the girl you like. Maybe you want to display yourself a certain way and really you’re  fake as fvck manipulating reality with distortion. Maybe distortion doesn’t exist and reality is all these things at once. Whatever the concept, whatever the reality, whatever your reason - know yourself, be honest with yourself - and just do the thing you want to do - do the things that make you happy— again, within reason.

I keep this as open as possible because information is everything and everything is information. Perspectives vary, ideas change, and you’re constantly consuming. My point here is to stop consuming from the outside, thoughts, energy, food, whatever - and shut down consciously for whatever amount of time you want - to align yourself - with yourself. Whatever that self may be. Within reason. Try to make the world a better place through consciousness and compassion - and do that by mastering your own self first.