Know Yourself - a poem per se.

Ride & swerve.
Swerve & Ride.
Everything is everything,
everything comes out on the other side.
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If you're gifted, you will get it the first time.
If you're gifted you will fall, fail, bend, and near break - so many times.
Not as many as you getup though.

If you're privileged you'll get lost in the concept of time.
Though, not lost enough to miss yours.

Riding most things is a lot about chasing a feeling.
Surrendering to something so much greater, while simultaneously producing that greater. Like a drop of water to the ocean.

If anything actually exists; perhaps, spectrums do too.
Confined within binary construct is an array of potential truth and absolute paradoxical existence.
Blue and red make purple.
My purple could very well be your yellow.

Know yourself.