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Below are active collaborations that provide you with discount codes to purchase sustainable products.

The Natural Patch Co.

Natural, Sustainable, and 100% biodegradability along with scientifically controlled release of vapours to allow the effects of our products to be maintained for hours at a time. GET 10% OFF with code DINUDOUBLEU.

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Looking for something special? Tree Lyfe is practicing a remarkable model that gives back to the entire globe as their jewelry sales help sustain the environment and inspire a growth mindset.

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Multidisciplinary Creative

Below you'll find published work, old projects, and a blog with travel, sustainability, and lifestyle related things.
Read about cryptocurrency, community events, art and culture, natural products, sustainable ventures and more.

a creative compilation of poetry and prose.

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"Every man is divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Earth without art is just 'eh