"I do it for the love, I don't do it for the likes."

The mission is to inspire and support global consciousness and compassion through sustainability, travel and lifestyle. Creation and consumption drive this world and Dinudoubleu believes in minimizing compromising effects on the needs of future generations.

Dinudoubleu provides strategy and creative direction consulting for all things media and marketing. Count on quality results from branding to social media management and design to advertising.

Dinudoubleu has worked with brands in the holistic health, fashion, entertainment, media, and start-up tech., industries. Some brands include Mosaic Marketing, OMD Canada, Bitcoin Magazine, Disney, NXNE, and Virgin Mobile.

Focused on creating and consulting on projects that are inline with social and environmental consciousness - collaborations are always welcome.

Let's make the world a better place!

The 10-Second Format

A multi-disciplinary creative made a website to house said creative services and ventures.

The 30-Second Format

A multi-disciplinary creative made a website that can sell conscious product designs and inspire ethical practice. Dinudoubleu decided to spend time doing business aligned to the company like consulting for brands with similar values.

The 60-Second Format

[the previous section +]. In addition to the site, Dinudoubleu has published a compilation of poetry and prose that explores paradoxical states within being. Dinudoubleu is also a ghost writer and has authored a variety of articles. The goal is to continue consciously creating. Producing products of purpose; be it literally and/or figuratively.

*Special Notes

DW frequently get asked random questions about what we do, and why we do it - DW calls them the doubleU's. Most questions can be answered with "I do it for the love, I don't do it for the likes". Please see the image below, and/or give DW a shout using the contact page and we may chat.