Leveza has undoubtedly innovated an ultra light, compact, and sustainable, garment; perfect for traveling, activities, or simply relaxing in comfort.

When first unpacking the four products, there was definite concern. The material was seemingly paper-thin like medical garments and I thought they’d tare easy. I was wrong. An initial instinct to try and test this proved the garments to be stretchy and durable. Then I put them on and fell in love realizing how these tiny, almost weight-less, pieces will travel easy and provide great companion to any wardrobe in a suitcase. Not to mention, they’re soft, and fit incredibly well. The shorts provide coverage, remaining airy and easy on your skin. Both the tops and bottoms hug you in the right places and give you room where you want it most.

Packing smart and light can be tricky when you want to fit it all but with Leveza’s products that’s not a concern. The versatile pouch carries the bikini bottom, tank, bralette, and shorts, weighing a total of 147.5 grams - literally less than 1 pound. The garments are so light and small they can be rolled and tucked into a sandwich size Ziplock bag - and probably weigh less than a grilled-cheese.

By inspiring compassion, I believe we can shape a better world where creation and consumption endure without compromising the needs of future generations. Leveza is in line with these values as well. Consumerism exists everywhere. The fashion industry is the second largest cause of environmental pollution around the world, next to oil. Textile production and consumption use tonnes of water - let alone the energy expelled and waste production. Leveza uses no water for the total manufacturing of their products - both the materials and printing are made with environmentally conscious efforts. They guarantee up to 10 wash and wear cycles and the real kicker - the products are recyclable after you’re done with them.

Dinudoubleu plans on putting these garments to the test. Stay tuned for a follow-up article after we endure the elements of climate, activity, and personal use. In the meantime, you can order your Leveza capsule for $40 USD online. They have a variety of patterns and product consistency you can count on and a “change the world while traveling the world” motto that is both inspiring and endorsable. Use the link: LEVDIN10 to order yours today.