More Trees; More Life: Tree Lyfe Bracelets for Your Mental Health and the Environment.

Tree Lyfe is practicing a remarkable model that gives back to the entire globe as their jewelry sales help sustain the environment. For every product purchased, a tree is planted. The brand is physically doing things for the world whilst remaining positive in their motto with a mission to remind humans that just like trees, “in order to grow, we have to fight through the dirt and darkness to reach the light”. They remind the public that amazing heights can be reached even when starting from a small seed and that every obstacle we go through gives us strength and experience to become the best versions of ourselves. This positive messaging is scattered throughout their online platform and they share real-life stories of overcoming struggle to help inspire others to do the same.

The online platform and processing of orders is simple and quick. You can complete your purchase with Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay or a traditional online transaction with your credit card. Orders mailed within the United States that are over $20, have free shipping. I personally tested the site and had bracelets shipped to Canada - the package was received in less than two weeks. The brand offers to both, male and female demographics, carrying a variety of wearable products and stickers that have quotes like “I am stronger than my struggles” or “I am the only approval I need”.

Tree Lyfe is simple, positive, and encouraging. They have bracelets that are gold plated and say things like “plant your future” - in addition to beaded and woven styles, the dream catcher link, seeds concept, and a fortune tree pendant. Each product has a motivating name like “winner’s will” or “reach high”. This company is truly sending out good vibes in a number of ways - check them out at Don't forget to use the discount code DINUDOUBLEU to receive 10% off your order.

Keep going and keep growing - let’s make the world a better place!